Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Check the Forecast" is finally submitted!!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. It's in!

Please direct your browser -here- to vote for my design! The best way you can help it get printed is to check the box in the top right ("Notify me if...[check-box] as a tee!")and scoring my design as a 5. Feel free to vote as you wish. You'll need to create a Threadless account in order to vote, but it only takes a second.

The exciting part is that if this design gets printed, I will be holding a giveaway for some shirts right here on my blog! You could be a lucky winner :)

If Threadless is news to you, it's a community where t-shirt designs are submitted and voted on by artists - regular folk like you and me. But the cool part is that artists are paid $2000 cash + $500 in Threadless gift certificates every time they get printed, and students can opt for a $3000 Threadless Scholarship instead when they get printed. Man, Threadless is rad.

So click on the link above and vote up! Thanks so much!! 

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